[Pombelist] Mistake with manually curated human orthologs on PomBase gene pages

Valerie Wood vw253 at cam.ac.uk
Thu Dec 12 16:52:07 GMT 2013

Currently 3387 fission yeast genes have identifiable human orthologs. 
However, I made a mistake and omitted one of the files from the last 
PomBase update which results in ~1500 of the human orthologs being 
excluded from the gene pages.

All protein coding gene products with human orthologs are annotated with 
"conserved in vertebrates". Any gene which has this "species 
distribution" annotation, should also have the specific human ortholog 
annotated. If this is missing, it will return in the next update in the 
New Year. The cerevisiae orthologs are unaffected.

If you require this information before January you can e-mail the help 
desk for the complete dataset.

Apologies for this omission,


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